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Soil Water Dynamics under Drip Irrigation

Water Problems 36

Nina Philipova, Yulian Tsankov
Institute of Water Problems, 1113 Sofia
The paper deals with the soil water dynamics under conditions of drip irrigation is goal of present paper. Analytical solution of Richard’s equation is considered. It is obtained by means of linearization procedure. The steady state solutions for the soil flux for buried and surface emitters are used. Substituting matric head in the equation of van Genuchten model. The volumetric water content in radial and vertical coordinates is obtained by using the equation of van Genuchten. A MATLAB program is developed for calculating volumetric water content under conditions of surface drippers with source strength q=1,75 and 4,1 l/h.

Водни проблеми, книга 36, София, 2007
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